Hello and Welcome to CTspeech.com

Bilingual Speech & Language Services, LLC is a private speech and language pathology practice which specializes in providing speech and language evaluation and speech therapy services to children in Fairfield and New Haven counties. Bilingual Speech & Language Services, LLC provides resources, evaluations, consultations and individualized treatment to toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children with a wide variety of speech and language based needs.  

Treatment Philosophy

My goal is to provide individualized evaluation and therapy services for your child to help them learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Each child is unique, therefore, it is best to use a wide range of strategies to foster their development and support their acquisition of new communication skills. One size doe NOT fit all. Therefore, services are structured and carefully designed around each child resulting in better and faster therapy outcomes. Therapy should be positive, meaningful, engaging and fun. I aim to provide professional, high quality and caring services to children and their families.

Parents are the MOST important people in a child’s life and know their children better than anyone else.

With that in mind, parents are encouraged to observe and participate in therapy sessions. This provides an opportunity to understand specific goals, your child’s performance/progress, how to support newly learned skills at home, and how to encourage even further growth.