Bilingual Speech and Language Evaluations

Prevent misidentification or over-identification of students with disabilities.  Conduct school-based bilingual (Spanish-English) evaluations that take into account the complexity of the bilingual language learning process.  Assessments feature a full written report consistent with the CT Guidelines for Speech and Language Programs (2008) on the child’s speech and language ability including formal and informal testing. Evaluations can be provided on an as- needed basis.

Bilingual Speech and Language Therapy

Individual and small-group therapy sessions are conducted on-site for English and Spanish speakers with speech and language disorders in accordance with their IEPs. Able to participate in PPT meetings to assist in the development of IEPs and/or support school staff in how to best provide services to bilingual special education students. Can serve as a resource for PPT meetings, evaluations, referrals or provide therapy-only services which include the direct contact time with students.  Services can be tailored to best serve your caseload demands and budgetary needs.